The Essilor "Connected Store" Lens System

The Essilor “Connected Store” Lens System

For more than 15 years, Essilor UK have been our first-choice lens supplier due to their quality product and innovation in lens manufacture, materials and design. Their trusted brands Varilux, Eyezen, Transitions and Crizal UV, have enabled us to provide enhanced vision and lifestyle for our customers.

Recently we have adopted their “Connected Store” concept in our practice which helps us to describe, measure and manufacture first-quality, glazed lenses ready to be fitted into your selected frames.

Essilor Visioffice

Once we have selected and set up your new frame, we are ready to measure for your Varilux or Eyezen lenses.

This state-of-the-art device measures the position of your eyes behind the frame with pinpoint accuracy, so eliminating error. It also provides information on frame angles and fitting distance to personalise your lenses for best performance and clearest vision.

The final measurements are exported directly into the online order form alongside your new prescription.

Remote Lens Edging, Essilor Tess

The next part of the ordering process is to scan the shape of the frame to a tolerance of a tenth of a millimetre, then add it to the online form. Essilor will then make, cut and finish the lenses to exactly fit your frame. The assembly and final checking are carried out here in the practice.

This further eliminates error or poor assembly that can happen when using outside workshops. We keep control of the entire ordering process which speeds up delivery too.