20 to 39, The Early Work Years

As we progress through life it is important to realise how our eyesight can change, in many instances without realising how it is affecting us. Conditions often include uncorrected Myopia (short-sightedness) or Hyperopia (far-sightedness) and can result in eyestrain while working on computers, smartphones, tablets, driving, enjoying sporting activities, cinema and theatre.

It is very important to have regular eye examinations so that any problem can be identified at an early stage and proper correction made. Plus you may find that you need different eyewear for certain activities such as driving, sun-protection, swimming, golf, skiing and racket sports.

This is an ideal time in life to try contact lenses; we supply all the latest types including daily, fortnightly or monthly disposable lenses, gas permeable and lenses for astigmatism. We have an Contact Lens Care Plans which offer a whole range of benefits all for one monthly, Direct Debit payment