40 to 59 The Mid-life Years

For the majority of people as they get older their eyesight begins to show small signs of deterioration, sometimes without them being aware of it. A lot of people will find carrying out simple tasks like reading and driving become more difficult from their mid-forties due to natural changes in the visual system. This condition is called “Presbyopia” which derives from the Greek for “ageing sight”. When it becomes apparent it is essential to choose an experienced Optician who can offer the correct advice.

At Paul Verity Opticians we carry out thorough eye examinations so any problems are identified and the best correction is applied. Each time we see you (usually every two years) tests designed to check for conditions such as glaucoma, diabetes, age-related macular degeneration will be carried out.

It may be that your first reading glasses are the simple solution or it’s time to try varifocals for added convenience ensuring that you can see clearly at all distances. Transitions Crizal premium adaptive lenses will provide glare protection in all situations. Some people may require different spectacles for different activities such as driving or sports when polarised, prescription sunglasses are an excellent solution.

NHS FUNDED EYE EXAMINATIONS are available for people on Tax Credits and other benefits, ask for our advice.