Choosing the perfect contact lens care plan

Our Contact Lens Care Plans are perfect for people who need flexible, cost-effective care from the experts. At Verity Opticians, we understand how difficult it can be to find the perfect package for your contact lenses. So, we have plans that strike the balance between long-term benefits or short-term simplicity for every situation. This low-cost care is easy to arrange and ensures you always have the contact lenses you need without the hassle. But which plan is perfect for you?

Regular Replacement Plan for full-time wear

Our plans cover a scheduled supply of your selected lenses (and solution where necessary) to arrive on time at the practice, typically every 6 months. The benefits package will include all check-ups and sight tests as well as discount on prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses, simply covered by an affordable, monthly Direct Debit Payment.

Professional Fee Plan for occasional wear

These popular plans cover all professional fees to support occasional ordering of lenses, as often as you need them. They provide all the necessary check-ups and sight tests as well as discount on prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses, for an affordable, monthly Direct Debit Payment. Simply order and pay for your next supply by telephone and the lenses will arrive in a few days.

"EasyFit" Introduction to Contact Lens wear

If you want to try contact lenses for the first time without committing to a Care Plan, or wear lenses for a special occasion, our EasyFit plans are simple and affordable. You take the trial then pay a one-off fee starting at just £99.

The plans come in either 30- or 90-day, daily disposable options, including standard or elite materials, toric or multifocal lenses. As part of each package, you will receive:

A 3-part lens trial.
This includes the initial fit, instructions for new wearers, 5 pairs of trial lenses, and a sign off appointment.

One pair of Daily Disposables for every day of the plan.
You can get either 30 or 90 pairs which match your prescription and that come professionally recommended by our team.

A full year of lens care cover.
Our check-up cover begins from the sign off and payment date.

Additional supplies throughout the year at a fixed, pre-agreed price.

All you need to get started is an up-to-date spectacle prescription.

So, you can see that, at Verity Opticians, we have tailored our plans to suit the wide-ranging needs of our customers. We know the importance of expert vision care, which is why we welcome all inquiries. If you would like more information on which plan suits your needs, what more we can offer, or would just like a quotation, feel free to get in touch today.