Contact Lenses at Paul Verity Opticians

We know that spectacles aren’t for everyone, which is why we’re also experts in fitting contact lenses.

Highly versatile and suitable for most people – even juniors– contact lenses are now easier to use and more comfortable to wear than ever, thanks to recent advancements in lens technology. If you lead an active lifestyle or play sport, the freedom they give you is incomparable. Having a different look for a night out feels great too.

Our Optometrist will help find the right solution for you, then explain our Contact Lens Care Plans, best for regular replacement lenses with professional aftercare, all in one affordable, monthly package.

We find the best fit for you

Along with being a convenient, discreet, and affordable alternative to spectacles, contact lenses are used to manage all vision corrections. In addition to common issues of short- and long-sightedness, if you have astigmatism or ordinarily wear bifocal or varifocal spectacles, we can fit the right lenses to suit your needs.

Your comfort is our priority

We know that transitioning to contact lenses can be daunting, especially for juniors. That is why we only supply high-quality, tried and tested brands such as Acuvue, Alcon and Bausch & Lomb. They will be advanced, oxygen-permeable materials for optimal comfort and depending on your preference, we offer disposable lenses on daily, fortnightly, and monthly Care Plans.

Ensuring that you are happy and confident inserting, removing, and caring for your lenses is important to us. Rather than handing over the lenses and leaving you to it, we take the time to talk you through lens wear, helping you get used to how they feel and comfortable putting them in and taking them out. Following all our assessments and fittings, we go the extra mile to guarantee your comfort.

Soft, Daily Disposable lenses

"Dailies" are super comfortable and replaced every day, you won’t need a case or solution. They are a convenient option for full-time wear as well as those who want to wear contact lenses on an occasional basis (sport, leisure etc.) as they can be purchased in small packs. We can order them as Torics to correct astigmatism too.

Soft, Regular Replacement Lenses

These comfortable, durable lenses are replaced either two-weekly or monthly and are commonly worn to give an economic and personalised correction. The lenses need to be cleaned with solution and stored in a case after each wear. We can order them as Torics to correct astigmatism too.

Soft Multifocal lenses

If you already need prescriptions for distance AND near vision, you are faced with the choice of either separate glasses for reading or Varifocal spectacles that combine both near and distance lenses. Fortunately, there is now a viable alternative – multifocal contact lenses.

Available in gas permeable and soft disposable forms, multifocal contact lenses are different from their spectacle counterparts, relying on the central part of the lens to focus for both near and far vision. Thus, allowing for simultaneous close and distance vision in all directions of gaze.

Gas Permeable Lenses

These lenses are more rigid, are durable and provide exceptional optical quality, correcting high astigmatism and usually worn as annual replacement lenses. The lenses need to be cleaned with solution and stored in a case after each wear.

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All we will need is an up to date spectacle prescription. To find out more, please contact us.