Eye Test ChartOur comprehensive eye examination is at the heart of our service, providing you with carefully considered clinical and practical advice as well as a spectacle prescription fine tuned to your requirements. There is no difference between a private examination and one funded by the NHS, they are all carried out to the same high standard.

Unlike many multiple high street opticians, all the required tests will be carried out by the Optometrist in the examination room (though in Shipley a supplementary visual field test on our Humphries Field Analyzer is sometimes indicated and this is situated in another private area of the practice). Most of all, we allow plenty of time to put you at ease, discuss your history and carry out a detailed examination and sight test.

At least 40 minutes are allowed for your 15-point eye examination*

When indicated your examination will include some or all of the following procedures and tests:

  1. Previous prescription and lens type analysis,
  2. Assessment of symptoms,
  3. Unaided vision,
  4. Extraocular muscle balance,
  5. Motility,
  6. Convergence,
  7. Pupil reflexes,
  8. External examination,
  9. Ophthalmoscopy,
  10. Retinoscopy,
  11. Subjective Routine,
  12. Binocular vision balancing,
  13. Glaucoma screening for patients over 40 (Tonometry and Visual fields),
  14. Near vision assessment,
  15. Explanation, descriptions and advice.

* In addition you will be offered the option of retinal photography as part of your examination in Ilkley practice which will form a permanent record of your retina.

You will be given a copy of your spectacle prescription at the conclusion of your examination.