Eye Test

Our eye examinations are the cornerstone of our service

Your eyes are unique. In all the world there is not another pair quite like them.

At Verity Opticians we treat our patients as individuals and tailor the examination to you. We provide an experience that avoids the conveyor belt approach offered by our larger competitors. Our entire aim is to provide you with the best possible vision.

Our optometrists do not work to time constraints or financial incentives. They carry out all the tests themselves, to build an understanding of your eyes, your vision and your visual needs.

This approach will always give better results, especially for the spectacle prescription. Better prescriptions mean better specs (or contact lenses) and ultimately the best vision your eyes can achieve.

Children's eye examinations

We put the same time, expertise and care into your child's eye examination. Our approach is as parents ourselves, we use gentle, patient encouragement for the best response. As your child gets used to us, we can add more tests to achieve better results. In this way we can provide their complete eyecare needs throughout school and beyond. Examinations are funded by the NHS until they are 16, or until their 19th birthday when remaining in full-time education.

We also encourage children to have the benefit of our Optomap, wide-field retinal scan.

  • Under 16 Optomap fee - £10

Reduced fees for students

We continue to provide a complete examination service for students between the age of 19 and 23, who no longer qualify for NHS;

  • Under-23 eye examination fee - £15
  • Under-23 Optomap fee - £10

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