MECS programme

Bradford Minor Eye Condition

Verity Opticians, Ilkley, contribute to the Bradford Minor Eye Condition, MECS programme

The Bradford, Airedale and Craven Minor Eye Conditions Service (MECS) uses the skills of Optometrists in the community to see and treat patients presenting with a minor eye condition. Management will be maintained within the primary care setting for as many patients as possible – avoiding unnecessary referrals to hospital services. This may be in the form of recommending (for example) over the counter eye drops for conjunctivitis or providing advice on (for example) dry eye conditions.

MECS is available to people with new, or very recent onset minor eye problems to get the help that they need quickly and easily closer to home. (MECS appointments will NOT result in the issue of a prescription for spectacles)

Under this scheme, any patient who is registered with a Bradford or Airedale area GP (including Craven) can access this local service rather than waiting for a GP appointment or referral to a specialist clinic. Patients are able to self-present to an Optician’s practice which provides this service. You will need to contact us first to arrange a suitable appointment date and time.

Please telephone 01943 608533 to discuss your eye condition and then to make an appointment. Our opening times are 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday - Friday, and 9.00am - 4.00pm on Saturday.

Conditions for MECS examination may include the following;

  • Loss of vision including transient loss
  • Ocular pain
  • Differential diagnosis of red eye
  • Foreign Body and Emergency contact lens removal (not by the fitting practice)
  • Dry eye
  • Blepharitis
  • Epiphora
  • Trichiasis
  • Differential diagnosis of lumps and bumps in the vicinity of the eye
  • Recent onset flashes and floaters