EasyFit; Changing the way we buy Contact Lenses

Clarity is everything. Ask anyone with a prescription for contact lenses and they’ll usually have a horror story or two about the difficulties of purchasing the products. It’s expensive to buy from a local store. It takes a long time for internet deliveries. Buying in bulk is risky, especially when your needs suddenly change. Prescriptions change and you can suddenly be left with a crate of contact lenses that are no good to anyone. Trying to find the best deal on contact lenses can be like running a gauntlet.

But now there’s another option. We've recently launched a service we hope will change the way you buy contact lenses. Rather than making small quantity, expensive purchases or buying hundreds of lenses at once, we've struck a balance between the two worlds. We call it "EasyFit".

EasyFit combines the cost-effectiveness of buying in bulk and the flexibility of smaller purchases - how exactly can the service make a difference to you?

The EasyFit plans

Let’s take a broad look at the plans. There are two options: the 30 day plan and the 90 day plan. Now, normally when buying prescription contact lenses from the internet, you might expect to have to invest in hundreds of lenses all at once. Companies can charge low prices as they’re able to sell in bulk. The problem has always been that this requires a lot of investment, all up front. If something goes wrong, you could well be left with a lot of contact lenses that are essentially useless. We have solved this problem by breaking the purchases up into much smaller periods. Buying a month’s worth of contact lenses means getting close to the savings of an internet purchase, but without the risk. Buying three months’ worth of lenses brings the price down again, while still mitigating against the issues in the old purchasing system.

Firstly, for every EasyFit there’s a 3-part lens trial. For the first time purchaser, the initial fit and the lessons can be hugely helpful in understanding how to make the most of contact lenses. Added to this, there are 5 pairs of trial lenses and a sign off appointment to ensure that customers are making the right purchase. There is a contact lens check at least once a year, while customers can receive a comprehensive eye examination at least once every two years. It’s important to fine tune your prescription needs, something that just isn’t possible when buying in bulk from most major internet outlets.

If you’re tired of paying over the odds for your contact lenses or want to avoid the risk of big internet purchases, Paul Verity Opticians might just change the way you buy contact lenses. Ask for EasyFit, we have a plan that will suit you!