Choosing Sunglasses to Suit your Face Shape

Trends come and go in the world of eyewear. From Aviators to Wayfarers, Cat-Eye  to the Clubmaster, there are so many shapes and styles to choose from.


At Verity Opticians, we believe that the right pair of sunglasses can elevate your look to a whole new level, adding glamour, sophistication and style to your look.


We’ve put together our advice for the best frame style to suit your face shape, but the best way to tell is to come into store and try on as many pairs as you need to find the right style for you.

Heart = Aviator

Aviators and semi-rimless styles can suit heart-shaped faces by balancing the top and bottom of the face, further emphasising your cheekbones.

Round = Bold

Boxy and geometric shapes tend to suit round faces, and to elongate your face, you can choose styles that are deeper than they are wide. Another trick is to choose a bold brow bar to draw focus to the top of the face and therefore, elongate.

Oval = Tapered

The key to a face-flattering style for oval faces is to choose a frame where the brow bar sits straight along the brow line. The brow bar should be wide with a gentle taper across your cheekbones. To get the fit just right, you might want to consider frames with adjustable nose pads.

Square = Round

Styles that soften the forehead and jawline suit square faces the best. Rounded frames or oval styles can minimise the angles and create a softer appearance.

Long = Aviator

A broad style along the brow line that has a rounded lower edge will draw focus to the central point of your face. Aviator and Clubmaster styles would work well.

Triangle / Diamond = Features

With a triangle or diamond face shape, a lot of styles can work well. The key is to draw attention to the eyes. Round shapes, or features such as colour or a notched bridge will create a focal point. To stop the frames from touching your cheekbones, think about frames with adjustable nose pads.

Small Faces = Statement

If you wear your hair short or away from your face, you can make a statement with a pair of oversized frames. Cat-Eye and Wayfarers work well. Alternatively, you can make a statement on a smaller face with mirrored lenses.

If you’re looking for stylish prescription sunglasses then visit our branches in Ilkley, Shipley or Otley. Our Optical Assistants will be able to offer advice on the frame style to suit your face shape and work well with your prescription.