World Optometry Week 2018

This week we're celebrating World Optomety Week 2018. The awareness week is designed to raise awareness of Optometry as a job, so we've asked Kiran, an Optometris at our Shipley store, some questions about her career.

When did you become an optometrist?
I graduated in 2012. Fully qualified in 2013.

What are your qualifications?
BSc(Hons) Optometry

Why did you decide to become an optometrist?
Optometry seemed like a sensible choice of degree given that I was studying sciences for A-level, and was interested in a healthcare profession but wanted a 9-5 job.

What is your favourite aspect of the profession?
Getting to know my patients and finding out what interesting lives people have.

What is your least favourite thing about optometry? 
Not always being able to meet patients visual expectations when sight is impaired.

What skill(s) do optometrists have that most people don’t know about?