Transitions XTRActive Lenses

The iconic colour of style in everyday adaptive lenses. Designed to quickly adapt from being clear while indoors, to fully dark in brightest sun.

Transitions® XTRActive® Benefits

 Not only are Transitions XTRActive lenses activated by UV, they will also be activated by the visible light. This unique feature will give you the benefit of extra protection from light and a superior visual experience; outdoors, indoors and even in the car.

Uniquely designed for extra light protection, even in the brightest sun and hottest conditions.

A hint of tint helps protect eyes from harsh indoor lighting helping to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

Crizal Transitions lenses feature double protection against UV and glare, combining the best light control technology with the best UV protection for everyday lenses

Transitions XTRActive Lenses

  • Ideal for active outdoor lifestyles and those who drive frequently
  • Extra dark in bright sunlight and hotter climates
  • Moderate activation inside a car
  • A hint of tint protects eyes from harsh indoor light

You'll Love Transitions Lenses

We're so confident you will fall in love with your new Transitions XTRActive Lenses that we're offering a 60 day love 'em or leave 'em satisfaction guarantee. Contact your neearest branch for details.