Varilux Lenses

Varilux X Series

The Varilux X series represents the greatest advancements in near vision quality. Now you can seamlessly capture every detail within arm's reach, as well as beyond.

Volume of Vision

With Varilux X, when you look at a particular object you'll now notice an improvement in depth and breadth of vision. This vision experience is exclusive to Varilux X series.

Reduced head movement

A common varifocal complaint is the need to constantly move your head in the direction you wish to see. In all situations tested, Varilux X series wearers find they need very little head movement to find the right spot when multi-tasking at arm's reach.

Blue-violet and UV light protection with Eye Protect System

Embedded in every Varilux X series lens, the Eye Protect System protects your eyes by absorbing selected blue-violet light and UV light into the lens.


Varilux X Series